Zeta Ret Administration & Content Management System

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Created: 2013
Zetadmin V3.0: In development

Zetadmin is backend/front-end platform:

This Web-based Content Management System implemented on PHP/SQL/JS/HTML5 features real-time communication, tree-node data structures, scalability options applied both on API and CMS data components, skinning and plugin management. Templates and shortcodes ease developers' tasks of generating both client and server-side code in relation to CMS model declarations. Distinctive Administration UI managed by security layers allows moderators, admins or custom roles interact with the system.

Custom server-side compiler:

Simplified MVC Components are present in the core featured with many-to-many models-views views-models communication controlled by external mediators with data-binding capabilities. Bound CMS Data refreshes UI on each server update or in a stack manner. The system may be used for building websites or creating a solid backbone to gaming software. Single file auto-installer brings pleasure to first users. Easily sync data and versions between Zetadmin locations.

A whirlpool of numbers in the building blocks of arithmetic:

Built-in Big Data Analysis based on the worldly known computational formulas of the Zeta Functions (The God Equation presented by Euler) across the scientific studies of mathematicians and physicists. Zeta Compression algorithms define a new scale of data minification in the realm of zeros and ones up to 99.99% according to the possibility theory.

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